Okay now for why I am upset with THEMEFUSE.COM.

Here you will find their terms of service or terms and conditions which I read before contacting them the first time. http://themefuse.com/terms-and-conditions/ . There are a few points I will make with screen captures.

1. Image


2. Image

Now most of you know that I have my blog on wordpress.com so why would I get something that I have to pay $199.00 for that would not work on the site I have my page on? And I’m not supposed to be upset or rude or anything considering I was just robbed by someone and they have my money and I can’t get it back probably.

And why would I want to pay for something that is only good if you keep paying them ever year to use. No I didn’t order that crap. I didn’t sign up or sign their agreement and then they act like it’s my privilege to have their product that I never received?

And then my attitude caused all this? YEAH OKAY.. Yes I did read their crap before I contacted them and gave them MY ATTITUDE. I’ll let paypal deal with them but I almost know I will not get my money back and I will be the one screwed. BUT I’M SUPOSSED TO BE HAPPY ABOUT THIS. IT WAS ALL MY ATTITUDE THAT CAUSED IT.

But to be fair and honest I will contact them and see what they have to say in their defense. Let them tell me why I need their crap.

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