Why would I pay $17.00 a month to use a theme?

Why would I pay $17.00 a month which came out to $199.00 a year recurring, when for $99.00 a year I can get a website with the themes included? And yes I call it CRAP. Yes people work hard and make them, then charge an outrageous price you have to pay just to use it.

And yes MY ATTITUDE was pissy. I have a right to be pissed but when you start and lie to me then tell me MY ATTITUDE is why your being that way and LIE about not taking the money from my account when your company is the one that did it. I don’t care that someone else hacked my account, well let me rephrase that I CARE that someone hacked my account. BUT they don’t have the money your company has the money. And then saying you might have considered refunding my money meaning you might not of also so…

And yes I have dealt over the years with numerous problems with these online companies. There’s a good chance that I might not get my money from them and then I’m out $199.00 which I don’t even get the pleasure of having anything to show for where it went. And MY ATTITUDE IS THE PROBLEM. UNPHUCK YOURSELF AND KISS THE DEEPEST DARKEST PART OF MY ASS. There I refined it.

I will include all my emails and the responses here so everyone can read and see what I’m talking about. I don’t care it’s the truth and so what, I was mad and pissy so that’s an excuse. So be it.

You have a new message! 
Name: glen sutphin 
mycac: 505
subject: New_account

Message: I never signed up for this crap and someone made a payment from my paypal which I hardly ever use and I want my money back. How do I go about getting my money? $199.00 is gone and I will take legal action on this matter. 


Subject: Re: New Message from ThemeFuse

 This crap is our work, thanks for your kind words!

 We would have considered refunding you the money, but your attitude is not worth our time. Please contact PayPal and deal with them. We actually don’t know if you are telling the truth, if your account was hacked or not. Also, the software products we sell can not be physically returned, so refunding you is not that easy for us. Again, PayPal will investigate and refund you the money, if the case.

All the best,

ThemeFuse Co-Founder


REgarding: my last email. Thank you for your prompt reply. Since this just happened today there isn’t any software that I have received yet. If I do get software from you I will promptly return it. Since it seems to be online I will not use it I never asked for it. I dare you the next time someone does something to you be all nice and cheery. I never signed up to have money taken from my account from you so yes I do have a right to be pissed. And yes the account was hacked. I am dealing with paypal and I do apologize for my harsh email to you. But your attitude just earned a write up on my blog. If you woke up and had money missing from your account and had rent due would you be all nice and cheerful, I know you wouldn’t. Thanks for your time and your help in this matter.
Glen Sutphin.


We didn’t take any money from your account! 

It was someone else who stole your password or broke into your Paypal account and who signed up for our services. We have nothing to do with your fraud case, please leave us out. 

You have the right to be pissed at whoever stole your account, not at us… and throwing accusations at us and talking crap about our hard work, without even knowing what you are talking about, is not acceptable in our opinion. 


Please revise your attitude.
ThemeFuse Co-Founder

And to answer your last email; I know someone hacked into my account. That isn’t the issue. I can’t deal with whoever did it. I can however deal with the problem of my money being taken from my account; regardless of who signed up for your service; your company is the one that now has my money so in whatever way you want to put it your company is the one that charged my account so yes you did take money from my account. Your company is who I have to deal with. I am letting paypal deal with it. We will see if I get my money back from THEMEFUSE.

Just because you didn’t rob the bank doesn’t mean anything. Your company has the money therefore I must deal with you. I am not stupid; I understand someone else pushed the buttons to make the damn transaction occur. And then acting like I somehow need your product and I don’t have a right to my own opinion of your product. I did a brief look at your product and I don’t need it, SORRY to me it is crap. You may have people that want to use it fine for them, great I’m glad there are people that will give you money and they will get something out of it. But for me to not need it and get nothing out of it and be out $199.00 because someone else signed me up without my permission and then to be told MY ATTITUDE is to blame..




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