Since I woke up at 1:30pm today…

And I thought the damn day couldn’t get any worse. $420.00 for the car to be fixed, and I woke up to $199.00 missing from my account for something I didn’t buy and then the hour or so on the phone with paypal trying to get that straight and people expect me to be nice to them. I’ll write it up as soon as my head settles down. And I am including my email from the company that the money went to.

And the day just keeps getting worse. Yes I have a damn attitude anyone who says they would be as pissed as me is a damn liar. I don’t care for this crap. I’m sorry if I hurt anyone’s feelings but so what. Everyone else on this god forsaken planet has the right to be pissed but me..I dare you to live in my life for a day and not be pissed. People that ultimately receive the money for fraud tell me

it wasn’t them but who gets the money? They do so I’m not suppose to be upset with the company that gets my money? Just because they didn’t hack my damn account it’s suppose to be okay even though they get the money? YEAH RIGHT and then I’m suppose to say and be nice… UNPHUCK yourself. I am tired of having to be all nice and crap when anyone else would be just as pissed.
Timing belt blew on the car. $420.00
Hacked paypal account. $199.00
Being told I should be nice and not have an attitude problem…. Priceless…
More later. Stay Tuned.

Author: lordnelga

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