Okay let me see if I get this right. It is not okay to spy on the royals (i.e. Kate Middleton in the topless scandal) but it is okay to spy on an entire population, including in the locker rooms and restrooms, and have drones spying on everyone. What kind of crap is that. 

The princess is not to be looked at but the peasants children are fair game is that how I’m reading this. If they can’t take it they should stop imposing their will on the populace. I am tired of the rich h

aving this view that because they have stolen and robbed everyone of their money they somehow have a higher standing on this planet then anyone else.
If you’re going to make rules make them stick for everyone. If the poor can be spied on so can the rich. GET IT. We don’t like it either. I will talk more about this in a write up later. 



Author: lordnelga

Freelance press photographer, photojournalist, investigative journalist.