Grey light Illuminati: What or who are they?

Okay let me start off by saying most of you by now are familiar with the Illuminati, or so you think you are. You are all aware of what has been called the Illuminati, but that is just one side of it. Let’s take a deeper look.  First off what or who are the Illuminati?

Now we are all familiar with the Dark / Black light Illuminati or the Dark / Black Illuminati’s. They are the ones behind everything bad and they are the Elites and such trying to rule the world but they are only a small percent of the Illuminated ones. The vast majority of Illuminated ones or Illuminati are Grey or a few White. Although to date there have been very few White lights or White Illuminati.

Who are the greys? And I’m not talking about Aliens, yet. Who are the grey lights? They have had many names down through the ages, they are mentioned in the Bible and other more ancient texts and have various mentions throughout history but only if you dig, as at times you might only get a brief mention in a passage. I will explain more.

Let me explain about the lights, there are Black, Grey and White lights. Lights are the paths followed. As there is Black Magick and White Magick and Grey Magick there are the same complimentary Illuminated groups as well. You have your Black light Illuminati, you have your White light Illuminati and you have your Grey light Illuminati. The same goes for your hackers also there are the Black, White and Grey hackers, as each of these overlap in the real world as well. The principles are all the same. Do up a tic-tac-toe grid and I’ll show you. Anyone who played D&D knows this chart. For those who haven’t I’ll break it down for you here.

Lawful Good      |              Neutral Good    |              Chaotic Good                        = White light


Lawful Neutral  |              Neutral                 |              Chaotic Neutral                    = Grey light


Lawful Evil           |              Neutral Evil         |              Chaotic Evil                        = Black light


Now I stop for a moment to tell you all this. Separating fact from fiction is hard for some of this. Most of it exists in what would be considered fiction, myth and movies. Most of you will go well then I can’t except that, but then hold movies and fiction up as a basis to believe the dark Illuminati exist. So I say just read and figure it out for yourself.

And then when I bring up the Occult most will run, yet again they have no problem with it when they use it as the basis to believe the dark Illuminati do that? I really don’t understand the reasoning. How you can justify using something to prove something you want to vilify yet deny that same knowledge to prove something exists.

Another name for the Grey light Illuminati are the watchers. They were mentioned in the Bible and the best description of the Watcher and the Grey light Illuminati can be found in the Highlander television show as well as Babylon 5. The Watchers are called by name in the Highlander TV series. And the Minbari the Grey Council closely resembles the true greys. More can be found listed below. I have tried to assemble as many links as I could detailing these, though some are fictitious so is the dark Illuminati’s literature. The three links below tell how the White, Grey and Black all go together.

The Watchers from both Highlander and the Bible are here.

Now a few words, I believe David Icke is wholly not wrong in his assessment on how the universe plays out. I also believe him to be a Grey light Illuminati, along with Alex Jones. To date there have been very few True White light Illuminati, as I believe that most people are grey or dark. The few exceptions I would hold up as White lights are Mother Teresa and Gandhi.

I am a Grey light Illuminati. I follow the Grey path of Magick; I follow the Grey path in life. I am self-Illuminated, I study and research. As a Watcher I chronicle what is going on in the world for future generations to see what happened, and at times like the present coming storm I will stand up and fight with everything I have to preserve and make sure we as a species continues. I will not let the Dark light Illuminati destroy the world if it is in my power. I will use the Elites weapons against them but yes I will use their technology and knowledge. I will work within their system to change it from the inside. I do not run from the fight or cower in fear that they will kill me, for I know they will.

“Summoned, I take the place that has been prepared for me. I am Grey. I stand between the candle and the star. We are Grey. We stand between the darkness and the light.”

“I am a Ranger. We walk in the dark places no others will enter. We stand on the bridge and no-one may pass. We live for the One, we die for the One.”

“Remember the dead, Fight for the living.”

“We are the universe, trying to understand itself.”

I don’t ask you to believe me it doesn’t matter if you do or don’t, use your own mind to figure things out.


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