Some stuff you find on fedbook. They do not follow their own policies. Or maybe they do.

****WARNING graphic links to fedbook, do not follow if you are offended by graphic photos and such that fedbook says is okay to have up.****

People might want to read this article first. It tells how Fedbook does what it does or doesn’t do.

It gives some information on why some things might not be taken down. Here’s a list of links to graphic and gruesome stuff as well as pedo’s.. Report them and get them taken down. I am not compiling anymore lists I have other stories and to be honest this crap puts me in a bad mental state knowing that nothing I do seems to matter to fedbook.. So I hope you find the information useful in your endeavors and keep trying to keep fedbook clean.. Some links are only to porn and such but it is still against fedbooks rules.. So report away. If any links aren’t there it means I or someone else finally got them taken down.

Due to most of the links being deleted their no longer needed here.

Author: lordnelga

Freelance press photographer, photojournalist, investigative journalist.