My condition and some viewpoint.

I’ll cover these two videos first. These two videos show what a 6 minute and a 10 minute seizure look like. I have had this condition for 23 years without any relief or without them stopping. Condition was brought on by a massive heat stroke and a car accident 8 months later.

2003-08-22 Attack. A six minute seizure.

2003-09-01 Attack, A ten minute seizure.

They can last from 1 minute in length to 9 hours at times.I was in the hospital from having fell in the shower and smacked my head on the tub and was having a seizure for 2 ½ hours, they took me to the hospital where I had 4 more seizure episodes within the time they were x-raying me and doing a CT scan of my head.. I was even told during one of these episodes in the hospital to stop having the seizure so they could get the x-ray done. Does that sound as stupid as it did to me? Stop having something I can do nothing about. You wonder why I never want to see another doctor or anyone connected.

I have been told constantly that I am faking it. Why in bloody hell would I fake these things for 23 years? They have destroyed my life and left me almost a vegetable at times, paralyzing me and having strokes and maybe even what was described as a heart attack during a really bad one. That one was three hours long and I almost didn’t make it through that one.

And I have to worry that someone was traumatized by reading a bloody readers digest? Give me a break. I am tired of being a pawn in this game of life. I have a mind and I can do some things for which I am truly grateful. I always try and do the best I can with what I have. I would like to have more so I could do more but since it hasn’t happened yet, I’ll continue to do what I can. I just wanted to share with you a little of what I go through every time I say I had a seizure today and try and downplay how really bad it is. As soon as I get a place to put up all the photos and such I have I’ll show what they did to me and my hand with medications that went ballistic in my system. 

Author: lordnelga

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