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My insights into the world Politicks and how it relates to a Wrestling match. Care to challenge me as someone who was backstage at one of these events as a Manager and photographer? Okay let’s start, First thing to remember the promoter is the pimp as my good friend Eric Walker says. The wrestlers are the whores, the fans are the johns.  And those who know it’s rigged from the start are not amused. Anyway, most of you don’t know I really don’t like wrestling. It’s a carnival show. And yes I can say that. The Wrestlers I will give it to them, night after night going out and preforming for their fans, BRAVO. Keep it up. You guys deserve every bit of your fame.  The promoters are pimps some are good to their guys and girls, most are not. I have met a few in my time but I won’t name names ;-). It’s not what’s important to the discussion. The promoter owns both the heels and the babe faces. Sound familiar? The event is staged and the outcome is already planned since sometime that next day. In other words it’s scripted. When a child in the third row of an event can tell you their favorite wrestlers next move sometimes three moves ahead of the wrestler? OKAY give me a break, not that I’m knocking it as entertainment but, be honest for a minute. I get you want to believe it but when it’s so obvious, taking it as real loses something in the translation. I understand the drama and the pageantry, and yes the injuries are very real at times. Didn’t a wrestler die in the ring during a show? Yeah which show and wrestler there’s been a few. I had my face broke by a chair so yes the accidents and such are real. But it’s still a show, a carnival act for the people. I was there still didn’t like it, ask the wrestling promoters I worked for. Ask Eric Walker he’ll tell you he was there. I use to get in fights in Baltimore at this club near BWI airport every time they were in town. And in Atlanta, I have to give a shout out here to Raven thanks Wild times at the Pink Pony. As I said I admire the people that do it every night. You guys work your butts off. Getting back, the wrestlers get out and make the promoter money every night. Working their butts off just like the ladies of the evening. Bringing in that money, much like the politicians who are whores for that worthless paper also. And the fans show up every night to push that money into their hands for a few moments of ecstasy to be free of their worries and have another satisfied customer. Just as the sheeple do to vote in rigged elections; that both politicians are bought by the same banks and globalists that control the show. You get an illusion much like your wrestling bad guy versus good guys; both are owned by the same promoter. So you get the illusion of a left or a right, a good or a bad side when in the end it’s the turkey in the middle that gets in and screws you. Its two different wings of the same bird, we need a new bird, time to get a better choice instead of lesser of two evils because in the end only evil wins. 

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