Is Amerika under Martial Law, have we been taken over.

CNBC Admits That We Are All Slaves To The Central Banks.

Here they admit we are slaves to the central banks and we have been taken over. Once they gotten the most power they can from the collapse they will instill Martial Law to control the peasants and bring about total rule.  Better go read history for how that happens. But since reading and research are not things you do, you won’t.!

U.S Banks Told To Prepare For Total Collapse!

By the way this is in no way news. None of this is real this didn’t happen I am being told by narrow minded fun dip snorting short bus riding terminally stupid troglodytes.  That think I should just go and lie down and be a good person who does what he is told to do. I shouldn’t question things and should conform to what society says is right. You know the rule conform or be cast out. Well I’ve been cast out so long ago I no longer fit in even if I did keep quite.

So we’ll just start with all these articles that are not in the news, I mean they are, but since no one pays them any mind they aren’t there. I will also be linking articles or videos that say they have taken us over. They being the bankers, and did Obama sign into law all these damned executive orders make this illegal. Did he suspend posse comitatus? Did he sign in the NDAA, Patriot Act and the act to kill the internet and such? I remember him doing so and yes it was all over the news. So something that has been all over the news is a don’t worry about it because it wasn’t in the news??????

 We have TSA at the Airports doing illegal checks and stuff, they are moving out of the airports to other locations and we’re not under MARTIAL LAW? You have to show your ID and other papers at check points on the highway; we have a total surveillance grid going up, but yet are not being watched?

They go on Television and say we have been taken over by foreign banks but are not conquered?  They are putting Drones in our skies yet we are safe and there is nothing to fear from Big Brother and Big Sister?   They can detain and jail us with no due process, they can take our freedoms and its okay don’t worry about it?

Don’t worry what is happening you should do as everyone else and sit down put your head up your ass and play meaningless crap to pass the time till they stick you in a gas chamber and kill you then you can say your safe too.. Well I say unfuck your damn self and wake the hell up. Too many people are living with their heads up their asses. Their heads have been up their ass so long they have ass cancer of the brain or shit for brains.  They think an invading Army or force is going to get on TV and say” Attention Amerika you have been over run and you are prisoners please comply with all our orders and we will let you die peacefully. By the way you’re under Martial Law and we own the banks, we now return you to your previously scheduled program which we stopped for you so you wouldn’t miss any of it. ”

I am not supporting “Conspiracy NUTS” or people who are crazy and if I am, it is better than sitting in my house pretending the world is a happy place where nothing ever goes wrong and they can’t touch me. I’ve had police and social service workers in my home with no warrant trying to imprison me for lies. I have had my good friend murdered in my front yard was that a conspiracy? Did it happen the way I said it did, then how am I fucking wrong? If everything I say happens, happened; and my view was held up how in the hell am I wrong? Because I told you about it before it happened. Is that what the hell is throwing people off. You couldn’t have known about it because I don’t believe it or you? There’s no way you knew before anyone else, and since you can’t tell me how you knew you are not to be believed.

Well I told people about the rigged elections before they hit the news, was I wrong? No, just a week early on the news. Did I tell the truth? Well if it hit the news as I said and they say the same thing I was saying, YES I WAS WRONG STILL. Unfuck yourself. After you unfuck yourself and have yourself squared away then you can help unfuck the world. But if you’re going to tell me how I’m wrong because it offended your self illusion then shut your mouth and take it home. I was right you can’t handle the fact so you must attack and belittle me to make yourself feel fulfilled.  That is all it is you want to make yourself feel better by bringing someone who is doing something about the problem down.

And you’re right why should I care about you when you won’t care about you. Take my mind off it and it will go away. YEAH look at how well that worked. We ignored it and it got out of control; then when we look again it’s too big to handle so again the answer is to ignore it.

Author: lordnelga

Freelance press photographer, photojournalist, investigative journalist.

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