Just some thoughts

“They are using Amerika to destroy America.” I say this to answer your equation to the Problem- Reaction- Solution be this and as one. Let our Reaction to the problem be the solution. Not what they tell us the solution is. If we stand up as one peoples and one race we will win. The earth is everyone’s not an elite few. Stop the senseless wars for nothing, stop the insanity caused by the banks. Make the things work and forget what people on the other side of the planet whom you have never met is doing. If it doesn’t effect you shut up don’t bother. How can I hate someone who I have never met, never talked to or never seen? I respect his right to live here even if he because of his growing hatred of what the regime called AMERIKA is doing. I full understand. But I still don’t hate him. I too hate the regime called AMERIKA. If we would all put aside those things that really don’t matter and stand fast on the issues that mattered the most. stop worrying who is in charge. Stop worrying if it is blue or red. We are arguing over which wing of the same turkey we will chose for president. It’s the same bird. Change the paradigm change the bird.. More later.. 

Author: lordnelga

Freelance press photographer, photojournalist, investigative journalist.