David Icke: Watch this short film.

Even if you can’t stand him watch this very well done film. I’m glad I came across it.. I’m sort of like VICE host Kevin Morpurgo in a way. I got into this stuff because I was told not to believe, which made me want to see what I was suppose to not believe. I researched these things and have a basic understanding of a lot of it. I am a realist if it is true then it can’t be false. Simple logic will tell you that. I have stated my views on my blog. I also studied the Occult and other things I’m not suppose to believe. Why because in the search for truth you have to look at both sides. Again simple logic. If you only look at one side and only listen to one side you only have one side of the picture and you are useless. Whether you only listen to the good or you only listen to the bad you will only have that mentality. You also get the cookie cutter mentality, where what ever you think that is suppose to be in there is and anything that doesn’t fit must be bad and discarded. You can’t handle the truth if your not willing to be offended at times. 



Author: lordnelga

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