I’m labeling this one comparison of murder.


I’m labeling this one comparison of murder.

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“For those easily offended be prepared to be offended. For those who don’t like to be uncomfortable be prepare to be uncomfortable.. For those who are sleeping be prepared to be awaken…I’m pulling no punches anymore, you get it hard, fast and continually here on my blog. You’ve been warned.”

Watch this clip at your own risk. Graphic images, but as I said when I saw it


“Isn’t the truth real pretty.. Now imaging that being your son or daughter.. Awake yet?” then posted “can’t hit the like button. But I will share it.. I think we should do that to the elitists who are doing this crap. I’m also going to link it on my blog…I don’t want to cover this crap anymore.. Why can’t we just unfuck the world and get back to living.” More here.

link to the story is here:


This is the sick crap they intend for us all. Don’t say it can’t happen, it already is it started here in America and now has come full circle till now…

The narrative they are pushing is this was a “Domestic terrorist attack by skinhead against the “Brown” people” What a joke, it is a PSYOP to push their agenda, the cover up is what they are pushing it as.







My comment on CNN to their opinion was:


“?”Right-wing extremist individuals over the past decade in the United States were as likely to use violence as a means to express their political or social beliefs as those motivated by Osama bin Laden’s ideology.”


My comment was…

“But Al CIAda I mean Qaeda is the good guys but their also the bad guys.. And I now must give my rights up to be safe from them.. Yet they are the ones starting the terror to begin with. Maybe we need to put the government in jail for starting false terror events and staging them. Maybe we should put the people in charge in prison for their crimes and fix this country. I don’t hate “brown” people or any people I have never met. Ask Mr. Putin to take his missiles out of Cuba. Stop the insanity and fix the planet. And having been a victim myself of what is now labeled “Domestic terrorism” I can say what I am talking about.. Check out my blog. https://lordnelga.wordpress.com/

They are trying to push that the white American people are now terrorist. Just open your eyes.

Let’s look at a mass shooting a couple of years ago. This one was not staged or a psyop. Although the lunatic was mental, but you almost have to be to do something like that.



Notice any similarities? No there aren’t many. Other than semi-auto hand gun which is almost every hand gun made. Where the mention of the high capacity magazine? There isn’t one because there was no agenda at the time to push.  Notice how he was dressed; wait there’s no real mention of that in this story because he was dress as everyone else. No magickal special Snake Eye from G.I.Joe look no armor and riot gear. No other gun man or gun men present. Was he on drugs? Possibly. Was he with the Government in any way? no mention of it. So we can conclude, since this wasn’t connected in any way shape or form to government, other than he was a lunatic, who might have been drugged, he was an average person who carried out the crime. The story didn’t change a half dozen times in the media; there was no upcoming vote or election type agenda. There was no pushing of a story. There are other stories that fit into the same mold; they are genuine Organic Domestic shootings. They happen all the time most times you hear very little about them and they evaporate and are forgotten. No agenda to be pushed. And also when the government comes on TV or the news and says there will be these kind of attacks they are planning them. It’s not a conspiracy it’s just they told you look out.

The first reports I heard of the Sikh temple shootings sounded so much like the last shooting in Colorado, I thought they were still talking about it. Then I realized it was another shooting but they sound so much alike.. First red flag you don’t need much after that to say it is what it is, plus the guy went missing. Same as in the Colorado shooting the shooter went missing for a period of time.  Just way to similar.

Okay let’s look at another “Domestic Organic Shooting” This one happened in my front yard.


How was the shooter dressed? A green jacket.  No special uniform, no riot gear. Was he mental.. He talked of black helicopters landing in his back yard. Which was and is impossible, they couldn’t land anywhere close by on that street. He was known to residents as a nut case but the police did nothing to him even though he was frequently in opposition against the police. He didn’t have a high c capacity magazine, he did use a semi-automatic handgun which as I said earlier is almost every gun made nowadays. He was afraid they were coming to get him. His guns from what he told me some were illegal but you try and report him nothing done. So where does that lead us.. To the fact that the government or some part of the government in some shadow agency that isn’t talked about is doing these staged events. But you say that and you’re a nut case but then it comes out and you’re still wrong because you told people before the evidence cane out. Did I just prove I was psychic? I said it was what it was before anyone but am a crazy nut case tin foil hat wearing idiot. Maybe I am maybe I am so crazy because this sick crap is starting to be so blatantly obvious. But since my head isn’t up my ass trying to push some window dressings on the public pushing an agenda yeah maybe I’m crazy.  

DHS and US Military Make Final Preparations Before Announcing Martial Law?


I’ll talk later after the next PSYOP killing which they’ll stage in a few days or weeks depending on what they are pushing.

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