Okay I need to say something.

Okay I need to say something. I was a victim of an organic lone wolf shooter type situation. I know how things occurred. When things don’t fit those criteria you then must ask what is going on. Then you find it fits a pattern and that it fits a certain scenario; It can then only be one thing, that is what it is. I can say I know how and what it’s like to be a victim. I can say I know how it feels. I can say I know more then you who have never had it happen to you. And if everyone else can be pissed off and get their side heard why is mine always silenced and forgotten, till next time and then forgotten again. We’re supposed to be on the same side yet I’m crazy but am right. Would it help if I wore the tin foil hat? Do I to have to sniff the fun dip, ride the short bus, be terminally stupid, drink the kool aid, what did I miss?

The media wants to portray this as something it’s not. Then they’ll want to ban all high capacity magazines that hold more than ten rounds. Wait doesn’t the cyber security bill do just that. And isn’t little boy Obama supposed to be said to be thinking about pushing another executive order bomb like a child with too much power. I’ll do what I want mentality. I think some of you people really should start listening to David Icke and Alex Jones. Get with the Infowars and get your heads out of your asses. You have ass cancer of the brain from having your head up your butt too long.



Getting to the root of the problem the narrative was already being pushed as a white against the “Brown” people. And it was a domestic terrorist. People wake up, any murder is a hate crime okay. Period point blank. That narrative doesn’t lend itself too well and is full of holes. It doesn’t fit. So if it doesn’t fit you have to say, wait a minute that’s not right. Okay next option. Soon you’re to the only option you refuse to use because it fits and you can’t handle it. The matrix lies open before you but being so hooked into the matrix you will fight to keep it as it is because the reality of it scares you and you feel safe in the knowing of the familiar. I understand, but you’re still wrong. And being wrong I don’t and must not listen to you.. Unfuck yourself. After you unfuck yourself you can then help unfuck the world. This was the story I really wanted to be working on.

I gave an oath to defend this country and this country has been taken over. I will fight the global elite who think they own the universe because they are twisted and corrupt. I don’t believe I should have to pay to live on a planet I was born on to them because they said so.. Get off my planet now.

If as David Icke Put it that reptiles or aliens were trying to take over I almost half believe him. It would make some sense out of their stupidity. I don’t think David Icke is far from the truth. I’m with him almost all the way.. I’m stretching it but not quite there yet. Thank you David Icke. If by Alien meaning foreign outsiders, against our inalienable rights then yes I can see that to. There are many ways to look at I believe and I have sat and watched several of David Ickes full lectures.. Brilliant intellect.

Alex Jones has already started telling you exactly what is going on go watch his show. And you need to stop with the Bill Hicks reincarnated crap. Listen to the facts.. Another Brilliant Intellect.  See what happens is people get hung up on the mistakes these individuals make then use them over and over again to say “see they were wrong”. Thank god they are sometimes. I refuse to argue about percent’s unless your talk 70-98 percent wrong, then well use some common sense.

Which if you need some common sense go check out the Good Doctor of Common Sense E.T.Williams. At http://whateverhappentocommonsense.com/ or on his youtube channel at http://www.youtube.com/user/Thetruthdamit?feature=watch

Author: lordnelga

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