A little hint for the next attack.

If the gun men or gun man is dressed all in black and riot gear it’s a false flag. Normal people and “organic domestic terrorist” don’t ware a G.I. Joe snake eye’s custom. They don’t have special uniforms like SWAT. They wear what you would ware on the street. Simple as that. They don’t go around looking like your stereotypical archetype. If the government has already said they are going to use certain criteria to push something and you see it happening just as they said.. Then they did it. I am blaming the next attack “DOMESTIC TERROR ATTACK” directly on the government. Stop killing innocent people to future your agenda.

Stop trying to push us closer to war. Stop trying to take our guns. Why can’t we put people who deserve it behind bars? Why can’t we stop the insanity? Because we have been conditioned to tell other people don’t worry about it, don’t harp about it. Don’t say anything about it. Don’t focus on just this issue. Don’t you can’t stop doing…  

Maybe if we started to do, got up and complained. Got our heads out of our asses, actually confronted the people doing things it would stop. Stop trying to tell people standing up they have no power when their the ones who are suppose to lead. I say stay up throw the chains off now while we still can.



Author: lordnelga

Freelance press photographer, photojournalist, investigative journalist.

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