Ballot Rigging In Richmond

“Ballot Rigging In Richmond.

Those who govern the elections in Richmond Virginia have violated their own rules in order to wipeout competition for favored candidates including current Mayor Dwight Jones. Unlawfully limiting candidates on the ballot is a more serious offense then voter suppression because it subverts democracy for all.

These guidelines governing balloting in Virginia set forward in GREBook section 10 have been violated by the Richmond Registrar and The State Board of Elections in order to limit candidates appearing on the ballot. The Richmond Registrar and SBE have thus far have violated nearly every guideline regarding balloting including completely disregarding rules, and

Citizens and candidates have filled formal complaints and FOIA in order rectify the situation however the city and state Government have refused to comply with legal requests. Through their willful and knowing violation of Virginia Freedom of Information Act 2.2-3700 the government is attempting to cover up their ballot rigging.

Because we have seen many other cases of fraud and suppression on top of ballot rigging Virginians can not trust the election results. Those who have violated their own rules must be held accountable and the entire Virginia electoral process must be scrutinized in order to have a legitimate 2012 election.

WE must put the law and our Democracy first.”

This is a copy of the communiqué to the public about ballot rigging in Richmond Virginia. Below is Chris Dorsey reading it in front of City Hall in Richmond, VA. Today.

Chris Dorsey telling about the corruption of the Virginia Elections.

Chris Dorsey telling about the police corruption and what they did to him.

Mayor Dwight Jones has used his position to effectively block anyone from running against him. Guess the best way to keep your office is to rig elections and not follow the rules that are in place. And doing it with a smile and the approval of all those who say nothing about it, because they are either in on it or too scared to say anything about it. Threats, lies and deceit have always been the way of things in politics.

There are 8 words which when used together in a sentence should strike fear into the hearts and minds of anyone, that phrase is “I’m from the government, I’m here to help”. I met Mayor Dwight Jones a few years ago in my front yard and gave him my personal thoughts about the situation I was in at the time. This smiling politician who said he was there to help me and my family as well as the family of my murdered friend. The City then promptly did nothing to help me or the widow of my friend except to give excuses and to Grandstand and try and look good on TV. The City of Richmond’s help for my family was to evict us from a condemned house that a year or so later was rented out again without ever being fixed; after the slumlord lost it to the city. They say they wanted to help but every time my friend’s widow would go to get the help they told her was available she was told it didn’t apply to her.

I guess you can say I have a vendetta against this city I love so much. Richmond is one of the nicest cities I have lived in but here lately it has been tarnished by the corruption and filth that is the city government. Of course since criminals run the government from the top down, I guess it doesn’t matter where you are in Amerika you’ll still have a corrupt government. I’ll end this now and will include notes on the GREBook that Chris spoke about I have gone through the pdf file and pulled the parts he spoke of. If you want to see the full 19 page pdf file let me know and I will send it to you with the parts highlighted.  

As always Stay Tuned.

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