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NOTES Taken from the GREBook 10 Candidate and Referenda Processing

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10.2.1 Document Review – Local Offices

When the candidate files documents in person, the general registrar shall review all

documents to ascertain that all required forms are included and that each is properly

notarized and signed. If there are any deficiencies, the general registrar must

immediately inform the filer so that the individual may complete them properly.

The general registrar also must review mailed documents for completeness and accuracy

and advise the candidate immediately of any deficiencies.

The candidate must file the Declaration of Candidacy and petitions together. At the time

the candidate files, the accompanying petitions must contain at least as many unverified

signatures as are required to qualify for the office. The candidate may submit additional

petition pages up to, but not beyond, the deadline for filing.

If a candidate fails to correct any deficiencies prior to the deadline to file for

election, the candidate must be disqualified.

SBE recommends providing the filer with a receipt indicating the filing of, or the failure

to file, any required document. (See optional general or special and primary receipts).

SBE recommends adding the Candidate in VERIS as soon as the registrar’s office

receives the first piece of information on a candidate. This will allow tracking of the

filing of the required documents.


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10.2.2 Turnaround Time

Declarations and petitions filed with the registrar’s office by independent (non-party)

candidates for local offices to be certified by the electoral board must be transmitted to

that board within three days of receipt. Therefore, it is imperative that the general

registrar process any filings immediately.

Timely processing will provide the local electoral board ample time within which:

  • • to notify any candidate who requested in writing to be notified of deficiencies in

his/her filings; and

  • • to certify qualified candidates to SBE by the required deadline.

Further, it will ensure that SBE receives the candidate information necessary:

  • • to verify accuracy of electoral boards’ candidate certifications;
  • • to assemble data needed for candidate processing and ballot designs;
  • • to provide materials needed by electoral boards for ballot preparation;
  • • to communicate as needed with potential candidates; and
  • • to post lists to the SBE website for access by interested persons.


On page 6-8 of 19 Verification of Certificate of Candidate Qualification

Immediately upon receipt of a Certificate of Candidate Qualification, the general registrar

must verify that:

  • • the form is complete, signed and notarized;
  • • the candidate is registered at the address listed on the form;
  • • the address is in the district in which the candidate seeks election; and
  • • the manner in which the candidate has requested the name to be listed on the

ballot meets the requirements detailed below.

  • • If the name the candidate wants on the ballot complies with the requirements,

enter the information into VERIS under “Candidate Maintain.” If the candidate

entry does not already exist in VERIS, add the candidate and choose the office the

candidate is seeking (which must already exist in VERIS). Enter the receipt and

verification of all forms for the candidate in VERIS in order to qualify the

candidate for the ballot.

How Name May Appear on the Ballot

Length: The entire name to appear on the ballot must not exceed 25 spaces,

including any punctuation and spaces between names.


o No titles [Rev., Dr., Mr., Mrs., etc.] are to be used, either before or

following the candidate’s name.

o A woman must use her given name, not her husband’s, and without a

“Mrs.” in front of a name.

􀁡Mary L. Jones not Mrs. John W. Jones.


o First name or initial or familiar form of first name (see example below)

o Middle name or initial or familiar form of middle name

o Nickname should be other than form of first or middle name and must

appear within quotation marks

o Last name

o Suffix, if one: Sr. is optional. All other suffixes must be used since they

appear on a person’s birth certificate and are part of the person’s legal


If the name the candidate wants on the ballot includes either a first or middle name or

suffix that is not shown on his/her registration record in VERIS, the general registrar


  • • contact the candidate by telephone;
  • • verify that the first or middle name or suffix missing from the VERIS record is, in

fact, part of the candidate’s legal name;

A nickname can never replace the full name shown on the voter’s VERIS

record unless the name was changed by order of a Court

  • • add the missing information to the registrant’s record in VERIS; and
  • • enter the information into VERIS under “Candidate Maintain.” If the candidate

entry does not already exist in VERIS, add the candidate and choose the office the

candidate is seeking (which must already exist in VERIS). Enter the receipt and

verification of all forms for the candidate in VERIS in order to qualify the

candidate for the ballot.

If the name does not comply, the general registrar must:

  • • contact the candidate by telephone;
  • • explain the deficiency; and
  • • print the name decided upon above the name entered on form by candidate (it is

recommended that the general registrar also initial and date the change).

􀁡Examples of deficiencies:

  • • Robert L. Jones registered as Robert Leroy Jones, Jr.

o Only the name suffix “Sr.” may appear at the candidate’s option. All

other name suffixes must appear on the ballot.

  • • Spanky Smyth registered as Thomas Wendell Smyth III.

o Spanky is a nickname that is not a form of his given name. Candidate

must appear on ballot either as:

􀂃 Thomas Wendell Smyth III;

􀂃 Thomas W. Smyth III;

􀂃 T. Wendell Smyth III;

􀂃 T. W. “Tom” Smyth III;

􀂃 Thomas W. “Tom” Smyth III;

􀂃 Tom W. Smyth III (Tom is a familiar, commonly used, form of

Thomas. He can appear on the ballot in this manner without

quotation marks);

􀂃 T. W. “Spanky” Smyth III; or

􀂃 T. W. Smyth III (initials for BOTH the first and middle names may

be used ONLY when the initials ARE ALSO the nickname).

The following meets the requirement for how a name may appear on the ballot but the

name requested is not valid for this person.

  • • Mary Ann Westmoreland – registered as Mary Mitchell Westmoreland. 1

o When called by the registrar, the candidate states that Ann is her middle

name even though her voter registration reads, “Mary Mitchell.” The

candidate name must match the name on their voter registration.

Therefore, this candidate may only appear on the ballot as Mary Mitchell

1 Updated 07/07

Westmoreland. Alternatively, the candidate may submit an updated voter

registration application to change her name to Mary Ann Mitchell



On page 8 of 19 Public Inspection

All candidate filings, including petitions and copies of Statement of Economic Interests

forms, without the social security number (or any parts) displayed are open to public

inspection and copying for reasonable costs. (See Chapter 26, Virginia Freedom of

Information Act).


On page 14 of 19 Prior to Filing Deadline

When requested by a candidate who files prior to the filing deadline, the local electoral 

board must send notification of any deficiencies or discrepancies in the candidate’s

Declaration of Candidacy or petitions that can be corrected prior to the filing deadline.

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