Something my son wrote.

“My rant (not my best work, i’ll admit…..)

Before I start, think about your religeon. God should be in all of us. Maybe heaven is the bodies reaction to death. Or perhaps heaven is real. The Christian bible was changed and told by insane people with no logic. (Ex. the preacher tells us to give up our dream for gods. But didn’t god give us all things, including dreams?) The “Devil” may be “Evil”, but he once worked beside god. He just wanted a higher position. Why does he have to be ugly? He took down a third of the stars from the sky, He must at least be Charismatic. And if so few people get into heaven, why bother? You must be a holy saint of god. If he does forgive us, Why should we bother then? Hitler could go to the same place as mother teresa, if he said he was sorry. Jesus said he would be a king, but before that, He died on a crucifix.

So tell me, have you at least thought about what I said while you were reading, or do you stand firm in your belief? Tell me in the comments as soon as i get back on this account. If enough people comment, I might make more of these.”

I was very impressed with this.. So I have included it here.

Author: lordnelga

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