Citizen Journalists and Citizen Photojournalists, what are they?

By: Glen M. Sutphin A.P.P.

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Okay I was asked what a Citizen Journalist or a Citizen Photojournalist is by the editor. Well they are just like regular Journalists and Photojournalists except they didn’t go to school to learn how to write sentences and learn about how to report and such. They are people who got fed up with the lies from corporate media and main stream media. They tell in their own words what is happening.

Notice on my by line all my passes have numbers after them, but the Citizen Photojournalist one doesn’t. Because I have legitimate press credentials but I am just blogging and reporting on my own what I do as a press photographer. I have videos and photos of events that the police refuse to say happened or say that’s not what happened. So I had to become a Citizen reporting on the news that my legit press pass did nothing for. I was still ignored and my rights were taken from me numerous times.

There are two videos that just got put up on by RT America that covers some of what a Citizen journalist is. They can be found below.

Citizen journalists: news for the future

Published on Jun 14, 2012 by RTAmerica

The face of media is changing. More and more citizen journalists have emerged and at the same time mainstream media outlets are having viewers abandon ship to find news through alternative means. Many feel this is happening because corporately-owned media outlets are not reporting on the real news. Luke Rudkowski, an independent journalist, joins us to discuss the disconnect of corporate media and why citizen journalists are here to stay.

Baton vs camera: Police open hunt for citizen journalists

Published on Jun 14, 2012 by RTAmerica

As the consolidated corporate media machine fails in its function as the fourth estate, citizen journalists and independent press outlets are there to pick up the slack. But this important task is becoming increasingly threatened by the harsh treatment at the hands of the police force. Citizen based media is often targeted by police for reporting unfiltered truths, or they are lumped together with activists/protesters and beaten or arrested. As more and more Americans choose alternative news sources to find out what is really happening in their country, harassing those providing first hand reports muzzles the free flow of information and poses a threat to democracy. Abby Martin explores the subject for RT.

Wikipedia describes Citizen Journalists as such:

Citizen journalism

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The concept of citizen journalism (also known as “public”“participatory”“democratic”,[1] “guerrilla”[2] or “street” journalism[3]) is based upon public citizens “playing an active role in the process of collecting, reporting, analyzing, and disseminating news and information.”[4] Citizen journalism should not be confused with community journalism or civic journalism, both of which are practiced by professional journalists. Collaborative journalism is also a separate concept and is the practice of professional and non-professional journalists working together. Citizen journalism is a specific form of both citizen media and user generated content.

Sourcewatch describes Citizen Journalists as such:

Citizen journalism

Citizen journalism has been described as individuals “playing an active role in the process of collecting, reporting, analyzing and disseminating news and information.”

In their report We Media: How Audiences are Shaping the Future of News and Information, Shayne Bowman and Chris Willis write that “the intent of this participation is to provide independent, reliable, accurate, wide-ranging and relevant information that a democracy requires.” [1]

Citizen Journalism is slowly being looked upon as a form of rightful democratic ways of giving honest news, articles, etc, directly by citizens of the world from anywhere. [2]

A good course to follow is at McGill report about Citizen Journalists

Citizen Journalism Training 

A special workshop is taught to citizens wishing to learn journalistic skills for their blogs, podcasts, and other Internet formats. These classes usually include visits from working professional journalists, and guided readings to familiarize students with issues and trends in the news media today, especially the threat to democracy created by the decline of newspapers, news magazines, and other journalistic institutions. The Largemouth Citizen’s Journalism Manual, written by Douglas McGill, is used in citizen journalism workshops worldwide.

But in the end I am still just an Accredited Press Photographer with a blog reporting what no one wants to cover.  I will be doing a multipart story soon on my life and how as a press photographer and as a citizen my rights were violated because of lies and police not following the law. It was all recorded in my blog at the time and I have the paperwork and names to back up what happened. Even though the police decline to say much of anything happened. But Video and photos don’t lie even though people sometimes do.

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