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In the end religion has a lot to answer for. Look at how many wars are started in some gods name. How many died because of religion. When you people meet the creator tell him how religious you were starting wars that meant nothing. There are bigger problems that religion hasn’t done anything about. I feel sorry for you close minded people. We could be so much more but we must fight each other over our opinions. GOD help us. I have zero faith in humanity. I doubt we will make it out of this century as a species, we will probably kill ourselves over our opinions. I for one am not looking forward to the future. We are going to have to change in order to survive. The future will prove me right or wrong. My part is to warn people and do my best to stop the oncoming hell we are facing.

23 years ago I died and went to the other side. I really don’t think I ever made it out of hell. I feel I’m still there. Don’t know what I’m talking about read my blog.

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