A 4th of July rant.

Rombamacare is a tax and we need to know some things.


Romney wrote the beginning of obamacare in mass. They took it and made it even wackier. So it doesn’t really matter who get’s in the white house in November, we are equally screwed unless someone other then the two faced jokers get in which seems unlikely. We get two candidates that are the same flavor. They are both the same side of the same coin pretending to be different. Do you want cream in your coffee or not is the choice we have.

Rebloodlicans or Democrips either way we get a gang of thieves that have high jacked our country and our Constitution. Our country as we know it doesn’t exist any more. We can take it back and put it right again but we need to do it sooner rather then later. If we keep going down this rabbit hole we will lose everything we hold dear and there will be no way back.

 On this our nations 236th year of existence we need to stop and reflect on the struggle ahead. Why are we proud to be Amerikans, why aren’t we Americans? Why have we allowed the government to spend us into debt we can’t pay? Why do we fight amongst ourselves and not fight the global tyranny that has taken over our once proud country? Why do we not have the freedom we once had?

I am no longer proud to be called American, we lost that title our new title is slave to tyranny. We are once again a conquered people. We have no right to be proud we let bankers take over our country and make us a laughing stock of the planet. Other countries now hate us because the government in the effort to build a global empire destroys other countries in our name. I see the point of some of these foreign nations and agree with them. We need to stop this war on terror for we are the terrorist. 

Our founding fathers who stole this land fought hard to make it a free nation, yet they enslaved the indigenous populace to make it a nation. We need to free the American Indians from their bondage and stop our aggression against nations we have no business being in anyway. We need to take care of our own and stop worrying about policing the planet. We need to stop our aggression against the American people and start being a great and wonderful nation to be proud of again. No I am not proud to be an Amerikan, I was proud of being American but since that dream is gone for now I will not be proud but I will fight to free myself and my country. 

My dead grandfather fought in the second great war in Germany. I have his photos up on my website. He would turn over in his grave if he knew his fight was in vain. Germany didn’t really lose the war they conceded the war and escaped to other countries and to America to start the 4th Reich which is now coming into power. America started the concentration camps on the American Indians and it was transported to Germany to be perfected. They then tweaked it in North Korea and Vietnam, then imported it back here to be implemented on us. 

I’ll rant more about this later, but for now I’ll fly the flag as such. 




Your law of the sea or treaty of the seas does not apply to me. I took an oath to defend the Constitution and flag of the United States of America against all enemies both foreign and domestic, I do not agree with the way this country is going or run and I will dissolve myself of this tyrannical oligarchy, and declare myself a sovereign person once again. Get out of my country and leave us alone or suffer the wrath that will befall you.

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