Says what I have said in my blog. We are not free none of us we all live under tyranny.

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The 4th of July and big doings across the nation-politicians will seize on the opportunity to wax poetic, patriotic, back yard barbeques with refreshments freely flowing, explanations given to children of what it all means, perhaps for some a tear or two will be shed.

A celebration from the separation of British rule and a promise of a truly representative government founded on the precept that all men are created equal.

Independence Day-an independence that has yet to come to the indigenous of this land, yet to come to the poor and disenfranchised-an independence reserved for the privileged who have the wealth and influence to purchase it.But even for them it is being eroded.

Independence that in fact fails to adhere to this doctrine of equality.

It is a day I go quietly about my own business, I don’t begrudge friends and others the good time they will…

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