How true are these words today.

“The 21st Century is when it all changes and you’ve got to be ready.” Captain Jack Harkness of Torchwood. 
How true are these words today. We have already in the few short beginning years of the 21st century have already seen changes our parents would have never dreamed possible happen. How much has happened in the first 12 years of the 21st century. We’ve had September 11, 2001, which changed our way of life immensely and not for the betterment of human kind either. They are implementing policies that will effect us more for the bad then the good. We are facing another World War brought on by the greed of the few that think they are the sole heirs to earth. Well I have news for the elite. BACK the hell off, get off my planet or die there is no way to put it mildly. If we let the elite that think they are the sole heirs to this planet at the expense and imprisionment of all of us they have another think coming to them.

I have seen the future of which there are a few but the one that is most prominent is the one I don’t like the most. If we allow human kind to be bought and sold at the elites whim, we will not make it out of the 21st century as a species. The elite will kill us off then they will die off as well. There will be no future. God won’t interfere, he’s turned his back on humans for their stupidity and corruption. We as a species are doomed. We need to wake the hell up and stop these terrible things we allow to happen. As Amerikans we are hated overseas for the way the government treats this empire they are building on the backs and lives of the people of the world. It’s not just Amerika it’s everywhere. All over the world there are those elites that think because they have a deficient brain compasity that they are somehow entitled to be the only one’s allowed to breath and walk around free. They are spoiled little children that need to be taught a lesson and that lesson is the earth is not any one persons property it is all of ours place to live. No one owns it, no matter how much they think they do. It is not a few individuals sole inheritances, it is the legacy of us all. The only way we are to get through the times ahead is together.

We need to stop our petty bickering over who did what and who is the best to lead us. We don’t need one person to lead us, we need lots of people and ideas. That is the only way we will get through the coming dark age. And if you don’t believe there is a dark age coming well just sit there watching your television tell you everything you need to know and when it hits and your forced into it headlong without any knowledge of what to do and where to turn and you see people standing up and fighting go cower in your home and wish that we win. We don’t need you you are the problem. You are the problem that forces us to fight and die. You are the reason everything got into a mess in the first place. Go drink your fluoridated water and drink your sugary sweetened posion and shut the hell up. When we are fighting and dying to save your sorry asses, shut up and leave us be. If you would not stand up when it was simple to win don’t start your shit when it is killing us and you do nothing again. 

I must stand up and fight I have no other choice, there is no way out except to fight and win. For failure is not an option and neither is compromise. We can not give ground in hopes that it will be better if we just compromise for it take two sides to compromise and if one side is never giving there is no compromise only one party giving everything up and being told it is compromise. The elites never give only take and take till there’s nothing left then they demand your life, well come take mine I dare you. You might succeed but I doubt it. The elite are cowards and bullies that use others to do their dirty work while taking all the glory and riches for themselves. And when they are done with those who helped them get what they want they have those people that helped killed for they know to much. Sounds really fun to me maybe I should join them and help them exterminate everyone so in the end I too can be exterminated. UM NO. I have a brain and can see their way is a false and pathetic way to live. They have people wipe their asses for them, well when you kill every off who’s going to wipe your ass for you? Who will bow to you and tell you how great and wonderful you are? Who will your offspring boss around? Their way leads to destruction really quickly. In a generation they will die out and no one will be here. Then yes this planet once again will be a great place only no one will be here to enjoy it.

I have very little hope in humans. Most of you are flawed and broken beyond repair. There are those that if they pulled together will make a difference but are to bogged down in politics to be any good. The majority of you are so damn asleep and damaged that winning would be impossible for you will not or can not wake up and see. I’ll leave it at that.

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