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Haven’t posted in a while sorry.

I haven’t posted anything in awhile. I haven’t been feeling that good. Sorry. I’m going to try and find something that isn’t depressing to post about here in the next couple of days. Found myself getting into a dark and black hole type place and need to just stop and examine myself for a bit. The news is so damn depressing these days and I got caught up in it.. SORRY. 

I’ll be posting more soon so as always STAY TUNED.



71-year-old man who shot robbers likely won’t face charges

Banning guns is not the answer, ban idiots with guns. Even if you banned all guns, people who want to commit crimes will still get guns from the government or other places. And the crime rate will skyrocket look at Chicago, and parts of New York where they have banned guns only the criminals will have guns. We need to ban stupid people and idiots. A gun is just a tool to commit crime. Ban guns and next they’ll use bombs or other such things. I am tired of the stupidity of humankind. Wake the hell up people…

I had a good friend who was killed by an idiot with a gun. I still have mine, I will continue to keep mine so I can defend myself. A gun is just a tool, like a hammer or shovel. CARS kill people are we going to ban cars. Cars lead to drunk driving. Spoons and forks lead to getting fat.. Stupidity of man does all these things. We don’t need stricter laws we need to enforce the ones we have and punish the people more severely that commit crimes. Make the punishment fit the crime. Stop putting people in jail for nothing and make the jail for people who really need it.

Thanks need to go out to this man for stepping up and protecting people. If more people carried guns crime wouldn’t be half what it is. And then saying we need to ban guns, fine take them away from the people committing the crimes then take away the government which causes crimes then I’ll give mine up.

“Let me make a short, opening, blanket comment. There are no good guns. There are no bad guns. Any guns in the hands of a bad man is a bad thing. Any gun in the hands of a decent person is no threat to anybody- except bad people. ~ Charleton Heston”


There are a lot of questions I have with this shooting. Here’s what I have read and found out so far. To answer a few questions I have found answers to. First the shooter bought a ticket and went into the theater and then went out the emergency exit and propped it open. He went to his car and got his gear. Then returned and opened fire.  After this he calmly walked back to his car and then was caught by the police without firing a shot at them, like he was waiting for them. Then tells them his apartment is rigged with explosives and then nothing.

Sounds like he was a government patsy to set up a false flag to get the UN treaty to pass. We need to ban idiots and stupid people from the planet. And some of his equipment was military issue type stuff?? A lot of questions we need to look at.

Another question that comes to mind, why wasn’t the emergency exit monitored by the movie theater?  Like and alarm or camera or other such device that would have alerted someone in the theater that the door was opened? Seems like some of these types of cheap devices would have saved a lot of people’s lives. Since the theater was a gun free zone maybe they should have posted a bigger sign saying such. I mean it would have stopped him if he had of saw the sign and realized there was no guns allowed. Signs are very effective ways of stopping crime.|head

Profile: Colorado mass shooting suspect James Holmes, 24, was ‘loner’

Video: Police detain man enraged over loss of child in Aurora theater shooting

Colorado massacre: total surveillance didn’t work?


Tale of two idiots that need to be removed from the planet.–abc-news-movies.html

Was James Holmes, Suspected Aurora Shooter, Inspired by Batman?–abc-news-topstories.html

Colorado Movie Theater Shooting: 71 Victims The Largest Mass Shooting

Is Batman massacre staged terror?

Alleged ‘Dark Knight Massacre’ shooter may have issued a warning


Colorado Batman shooting shows obvious signs of being staged

Batman shooter allegedly bragged, was egged on by the website

Perpetrator Identified as Iranian in Aurora Shooting [07/20/2012] (original local news report)

The Colorado Shooting – A Dark Knight Rises

Anti-Obama group raising money off events related to Colorado shooting

Movie theater gunman had been stockpiling arsenal

Gun Control Legislation: Frank Lautenberg Readies Bill In Wake Of Aurora Shooting

News about LORD OBAMA…

Sheriff Arpaio’s cold case posse found that LORD OBAMA’s birth certificate is a fraud. So what does that mean, it means we have a fraudulent president people. OBAMA is not who he says he is. His Social Security number isn’t his, his birth certificate is false.. When are we going to impeach this dictator in the making? When are we going to get any truths from the government. The answer is clear, never.

I’ll talk more about this later.. Just giving you the update..STAY TUNED. 

How I spent Friday the 13th…


Talk about being a bad omen.. I awoke to this on the clock. And how I was viewing it… UM Yeah… Welcome to HEL did I every really escape?

Woke up got out of bed and went on the crazy net for this to happen.

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