Two video that have been uploaded today.
Press Conference [Edit] – Occupy Caravan Coming to Richmond on June 27, 2012 – Richmond, Virginia
Press Conference [Entire, Unedited] – Occupy Caravan Coming to Richmond on June 27 – Richmond, Virginia

I can attest to the city council doing nothing but giving empty promises and disregarding human rights to citizens. My rights were slaughtered in my front yard just as my good friend was murdered in my front yard. My protection was to move, more like being evicted from a condemned house that was later rented out without them even fixing most of the problems in the house. I have a press pass and it was up to date and I was told by the police I had no right to photograph children breaking the law because it was freaking them out to be video taped. My child was interrogated by the CPS, Craig Ferguson who is in jail now I believe for raping a 15 year old mentally challenged girl. There was no one in the room when my child was interrogated as is the rule, but don’t worry about that. I and my wife were interrogated in my house for a bunch of  bogus lies made up by the woman next door breaking the law. The police aided and helped her instead of arresting her for her crimes.

I was promised help that I never got, they tell you with a smile they’ll help you then nothing gets done. The city council wants you to report crime but then they pick and chose who they will enforce the laws on. They don’t care about the truth only what will make them look good. They smile when their on the news grandstanding and telling everyone they have reduced crime in the city, more like they stop doing anything about it. Unless they are coming for you then it’s all guns and glory to get the bad guy. Tell me I’m wrong. I have the proof of what I am saying. I have report numbers for events that they say never took place, but I have video and photos of the events. No reports but incidents they deemed not important. The media and press are to blame also.

It has to be murder or something so horrendous before it even makes the news, because the news is so worried about if Miley Cyrus showed her boobs or pantyless crotch. But children nearly being killed by a man in a pickup ramming into a house while having a seizure doesn’t even get mentioned. Then they say it never happened but I have the responding officers names and video of it. Look at my youtube channel. It’s on there, they got pissed that it was up online and wanted it taken down, but they need a court order to do that.

So yes I do know from where I speak on these issues. and I am coming back at them again. I will be in their faces soon, just wait. Stay tuned.

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