Very well said. And yes I agree. We need more people to stand up and voice this. I for one will lend my voice. Thanks for this posting it helped me at least.

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In the grand scope of life, the immensity of time and the Universe, I have no greater provenance than any other-and like others I am passing through this way but once.

What I or any other will leave as a record or a remembrance is  what I or they have done-how we conducted ourselves-that and nothing  more.

The awareness of this reality should be a humbling one for all- a perspective to view ourselves and our deeds from, in doing so it should be an impetus to acquit ourselves honorably, to do the  least harm as a human being we can.

The blood and sacrifice of our ancestors blankets this land-all that we see now in this modern world, the corruption and the deceit, the inequity, poverty, and oppression, is an offense to their memory, an offense not only to the individual but to humankind.

Blood and sacrifice that incur…

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