I do understand the other side of this war we are in. They are afraid. They are afraid of dying and facing what they have allowed to happen. They have lied cheated and stolen, they have begged, burrowed and taken, they have done horrorable acts against humanity, they are afraid of the reconning that they will face when they die and stand before the creator. So they try to make themselves immortal and believe their own lies. I have pity on them really. To be so lost and abandoned, with no hope, but that is what makes them dangerous. They are very evil and filled with vile. I do not say they are right just that I understand. I also understand people who buy in to it and follow blindly. You want to believe the lies. You have sold out for the easy way. I understand, your wrong, but I understand.
I see the matrix clearly and our parts in it. I understand and admire the complexity of the thing, doesn’t mean I support it or endorse it I UNDERSTAND IT. I don’t ware a tin foil hat and play dressup to acknowledge the fact that it is insane.

Author: lordnelga

Freelance press photographer, photojournalist, investigative journalist.