I’ll hold my judgement about Ron Paul and Rand Paul.

Let’s all vote “NONE OF THE ABOVE” this election. Or better yet let’s not vote at all. What if they gave a war and nobody came…Well what if the gave a vote and nobody came… Or better yet Jeff Dunham’s “Peanut” for president. Or “Walter”… Homer Simpson.

I do feel that we were betrayed by the Paul’s though. And that it won’t be a good outcome for them. Looks like the end for them both..

But that being said the fight must go on no matter how many fall or betray us. I have lost several people whom I thought would be by my side now. They are not so.. I will still do what I must. One falls another takes their place. They can fall away and rot  we’ll just find a truer sharper edge. Liberty and freedom demand we march forward and take back that which is our birthright.


One comment

  • Let’s all vote “NONE OF THE ABOVE” this election. That is a total vote of “NO CONFIDENCE” in the whole process. I understand it’s all politics. I understand the system. Doesn’t mean it’s right or works. We are all still free and we must stand up and do what free peoples must do. It doesn’t matter if a beloved leader falls, someone will have to stand up and take their place. I am holding my judgement. We don’t know what is happening. It doesn’t stop what needs to be done.