Entry for March 17, 2009

UPDATE: Found out today that Thursday, the day after tomorrow I will be homeless. The house will be declared and condemned so much for having time to do anything. The slumlord will try and take me to court over it I know the crap he’ll pull. The city will maybe let him, that’s the part I’m trying to work on. Get the city to punish him for his crappy houses. I had nothing to do with 105, 100, or 23 chuckatuck. I didn’t touch or live in them and they are being condemned also. So whose really to blame here. My house was the best of the bunch. So if I am to blame for anything it was improving this shithole.

Take me to court and tell the judge how your kindness and generosity kept my family from frezzing this winter. How the day after you found out Sean was murdered you tried to evict his wife. How you did all these wonderful things for me and yet nothing got done. Except farts in the wind opps I mean your word meant nothing and now I have to find another place for my head. That’s okay You’ll need to find the money to fix everything in these houses. I will make damn sure of it.

And as for renting them to illegals, yeap I said it illegals, well we’ll see about that also. Seems I have a new hobby now I will make sure the city comes down hard on him. Believe it. Heads will roll now. I will take every legal means in my power to make the city and him do what they are suppose to by law. He was warned. Now it’s on.

Author: lordnelga

Freelance press photographer, photojournalist, investigative journalist.