Entry for April 24, 2008

Texas court: State can take sect children to foster homes

The only good thing about this situation is that they didn’t use tanks this time. Remember Waco. Guess that’s because Janet Reno wasn’t in charge. I know all too well what a lie can do when dealing with the CPS. It’s okay for them to lie and use that lie to do things in the name of “it’s for the protection of the children.” Damn everyone’s constitutional rights as long as it’s for the children.

What of the children, who’s to say taking them from their families is the right thing. The court and government will do as it pleases and find excuses to do what they do in the name of their right. I’m not saying I agree with what the sect did or didn’t do but who really is right here.

They went in on what now appears to be a bunch of lies and made themselves right. Just like they tried to do to my family. In the end there are 400+ children that will be devastated and need counseling for the rest of their lives because the state decided what’s right. And who will foot the bill for all this, we the Amerikan people that’s who. Welcome to Amerika.

Amerika this is the new way I’m spelling it from now on.

Author: lordnelga

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