Entry for April 17, 2008

So am I to assume that my rant against the city will be looked at as a domestic dispute between neighbors again. That I started by having the vision to see something that is not fair and should be corrected? Probably that’s the way things go here in Richmond. So be it. I will tell the world what is happening and let the world decide. I might have to go bigger and larger like the Richmond Times Dispatch or we’ll see. Maybe I should tell the city what I told the CPS which was;

“Kiss the fattest part of my ass.”

Thanks Peter Griffin of Family Guy fame for that one. I think the city will get tired of hearing from me. I’m tired of equal not being equal. The next time something happens on my street and I’m involved there might be a totally different outcome then me just standing there being a dutiful robot that does nothing but get phucked. This city needs to go unphuck itself and start treating everyone the same. Equal is equal and fair is fair. But on this planet that doesn’t hold water anymore. You need to obey the rules that only apply to those who follow them. I get it.

Author: lordnelga

Freelance press photographer, photojournalist, investigative journalist.