Entry for April 17, 2008

Okay here we go with more dumb ass nonsense from the city of Richmond VA. If my former next door neighbor J.B. can drive around for 4+ years on out of state tags and change them from one vehicle to the next without registering them and do this for 4+ years and it is OK and don’t worry about it. Why then did I have to go with my friend to the courthouse in Henrico for her to pay fines for doing the same thing? Only she has been here less then a year and got a ticket for speeding?

J.B. had a major accident and several tickets and nothing was done to her. She did as she pleased and the city turned a blind eye. I am so fed up with the bureaucratic bullshit from this city and wish I could change things. I’d start by firing everyone in city hall and start again. I am sick of the crap and everyone in the city should pay.

I want my fines and that of my friends given back to us if one person is allowed to get away with something then all should be allowed to. Fair is fair. I might have to talk to someone maybe my old pal the chief of police or the mayor. Wonder which one I should bug now? maybe both. I don’t care for any of the crap that I am forced to witness and do nothing about. If a crime is committed and you report it and get told don’t worry about it, why is it then a crime when someone else does the same thing? Maybe the city should heed their own words and don’t worry about it.

I reported crime after crime and got don’t worry about it, but someone I know does a mistake and gets taken to the cleaners for less then what I reported? UM, where in hell did I wind up? Equal is equal as long as it is convenient for the city. You would think, wait I understand now. It’s only illegal if your not J.B. I see now. It seems I have discovered the rub. J.B. can do as she pleases in the city but no one else. I get it now. This city better stay away from me, I will make them pay, they will get theirs soon.

Author: lordnelga

Freelance press photographer, photojournalist, investigative journalist.