Entry for April 13, 2008

Had another seizure this morning. They haven’t gotten any worse but they have gotten somewhat better. Their not as violent as they once were nor are they as long as they use to be. So any improvement is good. This has been a weird and wonderful week. I enjoyed myself.

I do have to say that when people tell me how and what and what not to write about it takes the fun out of it. I don’t really know if I am going to continue to do my blog or not. I started it as a way to get my feelings about stuff in my life out where more people can see my point of view. And it has turned into censor everything and do as you are told. I’m really tired and may just take some time to do nothing but heal and not worry about the blog.

My wife goes into the doctor on Wednesday for her appointment and she’s scared. They told her she has a cyst on her ovary and she has an enlarged uterus. She has also had her period for 4 months straight now. So things as you see are very hectic here. I’m not feeling all that well and her problems and the weird stuff and life. You see where I live. Wonder if I should have told you all that too? I don’t really care any more.

I am tired of hiding and trying to be this and that. I will be what I must be and that is myself. I will stop wasting time searching for those wasted years that will not come back. I will heal and be whole and be that which I am. The sleeper must now awaken and do that which it is almost time to do. The days are winding down and the clock starts to chime the final hours. Do any of you truly know what I am speaking about?

I take this time to ask the readers, how much do you really know about me and what I am saying? Do you truly understand all of what I have written? Or am I just a sort of amusing bit to entertain you for a few moments?

Author: lordnelga

Freelance press photographer, photojournalist, investigative journalist.